About Us

Quinn Collaborations is a husband and wife creative team that primarily serves the greater Sacramento area. Brian Quinn, also known as The Quinntographer, is a professional photographer, photo-retoucher and content creator. Heather Quinn, also known as Heather Monique, is a professional model, freelance photographer, content creator and marketing consultant. The team has a home photography studio where they collaborate with other creatives: models, photographers, artists etc. The team also travels nationally and creates with like minded-artists from all over the US. On this platform, patrons will have access to collaborations of The Quinntographer and Heather Monique, plus all of the collaborations with other creatives. The various styles of imagery include: sensual art, boudoir, implied and nude art. We also like to capture moments of love and happiness, engagements, weddings, birthday parties, corporate events, and product shoots.